Buying a Digital Camera for Photo Classes

Buying a Digital Camera for Photography Classes at I.H.S.


Starting September 2015, we will ask all students to have their own digital camera when taking Photo A/B/C at I.H.S (smartphones are not acceptable).  There will be a limited amount of digital cameras available for semester long sign-out at the beginning of the semester.  Please see the photo teacher for more details.

Buying a digital camera can be an overwhelming experience. Students in Photo A/B/C are asked to have any sort of working digital camera for the projects given outside of the classroom.  This could be a simple compact point and shoot style of digital camera, a slightly more advanced compact system camera that allows the photographer to have more manual control in a smaller body, or a fancier D-SLR where students will have more sophisticated technical controls like larger image sensors, interchangeable lenses, and faster shooting speeds.

The choice comes down to the families’ wants (How often will you use this camera?  Will more siblings take photography?) and financial capability (What can you afford?).  Don’t spend more money than you need to. 

All students will have access to a D-SLR for in class assignments so they can learn the technical aspects of how to make a manually controlled photo.

 Point and shoot  Compact system camera   D-SLR
 Point and shoot camera  compact system camera  D-SLR camera

In class, we use Canon cameras.  If you need to purchase a new camera we recommend that you stick to Canon so the platform for teaching technical controls and uploading will be the same as the demonstration camera used in class.  However, any brand of camera will work!  If you have a serious drive to be a photographer, we would recommend moving to a Compact System or D-SLR camera so the artist has more technical and artistic control of the image.  Point and shoot cameras can range from $70-$200 and D-SLR’s can range from $500-$1200.

Some places to go to look for cameras locally: (Tell them we sent you!)

Scott’s Photo by Rowe, 1755 East Ave., Rochester, 585-442-3140

Rowe Photo, 1737 Mt. Hope Avenue, Henrietta, 585-442-8230

Rowe Photo, 1175 Ridge Road, Webster, 585-872-9110

Or Target, Best Buy, RadioShack, B&,, etc…


In addition, we ask the students to have a 4-8 Gig memory card to store pictures on their camera.

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